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Wall Street Raw with Mark Leibovit
Saturday 10-11 pm ET
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WALL STREET RAW is hosted by Mark Leibovit, one of the 'Elves' on the decades-running "Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser" PBS television program and 'Market Monitor' guest for 30 years with Paul Kangas on PBS's "The Nightly Business Report". Mark's show has an "attitude" and shifts through the noise in the financial media applying contrary thinking, technical analysis, cyclical analysis and other strategies to discern trends to find money-making opportunities in all the major markets, not only Wall Street. Emerging trends are explored wherever they can be found including the Marijuana/Cannabis Industry, Cybersecurity, Real Estate, Precious Metals, Alternative Investments and all Natural Resources, whether they are found on Wall Street or on Main Street. Mark interviews a legion of notable guests each week, providing listeners with a diversity of opinion and interesting topics. It is the most informative financial hour of your day!